Monday, January 16, 2012

Zig zag petal flower tutorial

Good day everyone,

Many had asked me to do a tutorial on the "Zig zag flower" that I came out with before..I'm terrible sorry as it's difficult for me to find the time to do so as I'm busy juggling my time working, commuting and studying..I normally quill or make my art work in front of the tv before going to class that I don't have specific time to record and take pictures of every step involved, but only the finished product..

I'm so lucky that Pritesh had offered herself to come out with the tutorial..Thanks Pritesh..And you can learn how to do such flower through this link..

As for those who asked me about these butterflies, I'm not sure whether to do a tutorial on these or not as it was a controversy back then..Someone had come out with a simpler version and named it..I came out with these way earlier before hers..The only difference is that I did mine using multiple strips (more work actually)..That's why I managed to have different colours in these butterflies..

However, if you want to learn how make something like this, Pritesh also offers the tutorial on it..

Have fun quilling!!


Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

I am glad for the opportunity Nur. I don't think I quite made it as well though! It IS a tricky petal to make :) A brilliant idea for a petal though :)

chillin with Quillin said...

love your quilling, really like the butterfly!!!!

Sathya said...

Loved the flower...Nice quilling

Molly Smith said...

Beautiful cards! I love your unique quilling. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following :) hugs from Texas xo ~Molly

Miss Syaz said...

Thank you everyone..Really appreciate it..