Sunday, March 4, 2012

Termitaria flower

Did you have your tongue twisted when trying to pronounce the name of the flower?? Why on earth I named it as such?? Well, I was thinking of a flower and it just came to my mine to turn the leaves that I made for the "Sweet Leaves Blog Hop" into a petal..And when I put them together, this is what I've got - Termitaria flower..

Why Termitaria? It looks like a termite nest (to me), so I adapted the name for this flower..

Why I named it now and not during the blog hop? I can say I learnt my lesson the hard way..

If you notice, the small butterfly in the blog hop was one of my series of butterflies and I've been making my big butterflies using such unnamed technique..However, with some changes -from multiple strips to one individual strip-and- from butterflies to flowers, someone triumphantly claimed it's hers and named it..I stopped following that person since the incident and no longer come out with butterflies like I used to make cause I don't like people saying that I'm employing her technique..That's the point when I started to name something that I've come out with (When I feel like naming it..You should try to do it..It's fun and can sometimes be a challenge to you..Thehehehe)..

So, that's my story..Hope you didn't get bored (^__^) I had to blurted this out as the past few weeks, some of my blogger friends had expressed their concern, frustration (etc) when their work had been plagiarised or inspired without receiving any credit..And this is not their 1st time..Some even get profit from it and I can say that it's a new way of 'stealing', although not physically..Many of us don't bother about this copycat issue and some who knew about it seem to cover the cats up and hide the naked truth..Wow, it's kinda long a 'speech', but I've done my part and now it's your turn to do so..

No story about this card?? Of course I have..After I've finished with the flower, I came out with the black stem..Although I believe that less is more, I think that the flower alone would be too plain on the card..Therefore, I glued with together with the flower..If you notice, the stem is the upside version of the vase that I made for my love petals before..I kinda like it this way too..When I saw the Emirates Quilling Guild (EQG) Love challenge, I wanted to give a shot..That is how "My Love" ended up on the stem..

That's all about it..Thank you for stopping by and have a beautify day..


Lekha justin said...

lovely red..lovely this pretty card..

SUGANTHI said...

Lovely card Syaz!!

aureliaeugenia said...

Sorry for your sorrow !It can be happening to anyone !
This purple is so deep and intense and the petals hahe a very difficult patern but it's a lovely result!
Sweet ,sweet card!

Philippa said...

Your 'termitaria' looks great!

Nati said...


fitri_anirafti said...

wow! interesting card. Very nice^^

Syaz said...

Thank you everyone..