Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another butterfly

I recently received my book royalty from the publisher..Therefore, I made this card to thank a person who gave me a chance to come out with the book..I used to have little birds to send out messages, but now the task was handed to the butterfly as I want the birdies to rest for a while (^__^)

Many people asked how I did my butterflies, together with the swirls in my previous post, but I didn't have the chance to demonstrate how I make them..Will definitely do so when I have the time as I'm kinda busy doing a lot of things right now..I'm a perfectionist and I don't like to do things in a rush..So better save the best for the last..

Hope you also like this butterfly..

It's actually pink in colour, but after the editing I dunno why it turned out to be this way..


Sathya said...

Wow....loved this new creation Syaz..
Sure v r waiting for ur tutorial..
And thanks so much for leaving such wonderful words in my blog. Am happy that ur bestie name is "Satya".

Miss Syaz said...

Hope we can be friends too..Need to sort things out before coming out with the tutorial..And thanks for your thoughtful comment..

SUGANTHI said...

Congratulations Syaz on your book . This is a lovely butterfly.

Dr Sonia S V said...

What is your book called?
A big congratulations and awesome butterfly looks lovely as orange too !


Miss Syaz said...

Thanks guys..It's actually a course book Dr..It's called "Empowering English"..Guess I should use different pink..Huhuhuhu..But the colour caught my eyes..