Monday, July 25, 2011

A little bird

A good friend of mine requested this for her cousin..Before coming out with this, I made some sketches and discussed with her the things that she wanted to have on this card..She wished for the card to be colourful with some red element on it..That explains the small flowers..The tree was inspired from Miyyah (Miyyah@Kertas)..Just did some amendment and added here and there..

And there comes the little birdie sending her a message that he has finished his PhD Degree..

When the card is opened, you will see this..

I'm happy that they love it..I was told that the recipient wanted to frame this so that he can place it in his office..Thanks Kak Sham for being kind and supportive..


ManuK said...

I love sooooo much the card with the tree! What a fabulous idea! I'm your new follower. Looking forward to see more amazing creations :)

MISS SYAZ said...

Thanks ManuK..Glad you like it..Really appreciate your support..

ArtBug said...

very nice..

Miss Syaz said...

Thanks Shoma..

Teddie Seeley said...

Oh my goodness, you are just so good, so far I love everything I have looked at here.

Miss Syaz said...

Really appreciate that Teddie..