Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When I'm stressed, I quill

I can tell that I'm really under a lot of pressure right now as I managed to make this..Although it took awhile, guess it's worth it..Why did I choose bakery? Well, the answer is simple - Cause I can't bake (^__^) I can only use my imagination to create the cakes that I wanted to have in real life..So this  is what I've got.. 

Cake, anyone?

Let them eat cake.. Syaz Bakery (^__^)

Where assortment of cakes can be found..

So which one do you prefer?

My most favourite? The blue cake with the polka dots of course
(That explains the small heart next to it).. 

But you might like this..

Or these too..

Thanks for viewing..Have a nice day (^__^)

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quilled paper paradise said...

Your cakes are absolutely irresistible!

Sathya said...

Wow....really wanted to come up with one like this...still am making cakes in my thots only...yet to quill...Urs is such a perfect one...Love the whole idea!!!! My most favorite of ur work is THIS!!!!!!

ManuK said...

Yum-yum! The cakes look delicious, Nur! Congratulations for creating this wonderful frame, it really makes me think I'm inside a bakery!


a paper {life} said...

I love them all and they look so real.

SUGANTHI said...

Good enough to eat Syaz.

Kasia Wojtasik said...

As I've said on FB, I would put such a beauty in a child's room! Sweets-sweets-sweet! I like every of your cakes! What i the size of the whole work, Syaz?

Itsy Bitsy said...

Wow Syaz - that's a really super creation! Perfectly executed and so very pretty. Thanks so much for playing along ItsyBitsy's Make it Dimensional Challenge. All the very best!
ItsyBitsy - The Blog Place

Sztuka składania said...

entirely to something new... great ;)

PaperCraftMalaysiaChallenge said...

Amazing & stunning quilling bakery items. Loves the way you arrange the miniatures.

Thank you for playing with us at Paper Craft My Challenge.

Paper Craft My Challenge team.

Bipasha K. said...

truely hats off!!!loved it very much..they are extremely cute!!

Prince of Noob said...

nampak cam sedap la kek tu nyum nyum... done follow u dear - Noob

zub momi said...

Wow! This is gorgeous!

Syaz said...

Thanks everyone..Appreciate it so much..Катя-Kate, the cakes are in different sizes..They range from 0.5-1.5 inches tall with 0.5-1 inch wide.. The frame is about 10x10 inches..Hope that helps..