Sunday, July 15, 2012

For a dear boss

Quick post..Sorry for the blurry photos..Had to use my camcorder as I accidentally left my camera at my parents' home..

Created this for a lovable employer.. 

Was requested to create a card with the same theme that I made before.. 

With a lil' twist, this is the result of my experiment..

Thanks for viewing..Hafta continue with my thesis..Wish me luck (^__^)


ARTiMAGINE said...


Im sure the employer will love it..

I especially liked the tiny cupcakes and its stand...

Panda said...

Brilliant project!!!!

zai mohamad said... the card

Amelia Cecily said...

Tiny cakes draws first attention. Its simplicity make a attractive look.

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aureliaeugenia said...

Very nice card! I hope he is satisfied with this one! Lovely!

Sathya said...

Wow...........Awesome...Love all tiny detailing in this!!!

Катя-Kate said...

Such cute cupcakes! Congratulations!