Thursday, April 12, 2012

'H' for 'Happy', 'B' for 'Birthday'..

Howdy everyone,

It's been awhile since my previous post..Had a severe viral fever for 3weeks and I hardly ate during that period..After I had recovered, I needed to finish marking all my students' exam scripts, followed by a lot of meetings and now I'm in the process of completing my dissertation..Therefore, you'll hardly see me posting my work for quite some time..But who knows? If I have mental block, I may switch my role for a while and play with the papers and come out with something (^__^)

This is a quick post on a card that I made for one of my colleagues for her birthday..

You can tell by its simplicity that I created this on a rush..Thehehehe..Well, what matter is the intention, right! Basically, this card only involves a cut-and-paste method and it didn't require much effort..That's all for now..See you soon..


aureliaeugenia said...

Simple- you said- but it's enough complicated to do it and mixing it with love and special care!
Awesome work!

Sathya said...

Love it sooo much...Color combo is awesome...

Syaz said...

Thanks Aureliaeugenia and Sathya..