Monday, November 7, 2011


It's been a while since the blog hop..Was busy with Eid al-Adha preparation..And been sick since the 2nd day of Eid with gastric and migraine combo..Since I can't sleep after taking cocktails of medicines, I wanna share some cards that I made quite a long time ago..

Before I proceed, I'd like to thank everyone for showering me with support and thoughtful comments on my piece of work during the "Sweet Leaves Blog Hop"..

These quilled presents are inspired from the one that I made earlier..

It's really simple..

Only with a short message..


Sathya said...

Lovely dear...

Get well soon...

Cheers From Taiwan

Јасна said...

Love your work, and I wish you to recover very soon!

Miss Syaz said...

I'm feeling better..Thanks guys..